Clinton Throws Flash Grenade To Divert Attention From Question Abou…

Clinton Throws Flash Grenade To Divert Attention From Question About Senate Voting Record

After cowering with their hands over their ringing ears for approximately 70 seconds, rattled audience members, the debate’s moderators, and fellow candidate Bernie Sanders were said to have regained their vision and hearing just in time to make out the final sentence of Clinton’s response: “And that’s why I’ve always stood on the side of the middle class and working families.” At press time, a misty white gas was seen pouring from the base of Clinton’s podium toward the moderators’ desk as Ramos cited Clinton’s changing positions on gay marriage, the Keystone XL pipeline, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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Bernie Sanders Was Slapped For Supporting Jesse Jackson in ’88

Bernie Sanders Was Slapped For Supporting Jesse Jackson in ’88

During the 1988 Democratic Presidential Primaries, Rev. Jesse Jackson emerged as a viable contender for the Democratic nomination against establishment-backed Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis. An ardent supporter of Mr. Jackson’s presidential bid was Bernie Sanders—then mayor of Burlington, Vermont. During a Democratic caucus, Mr. Sanders gave a speech in support of Mr. Jackson while Democrats in the room turned their backs—and, as he walked off stage, a woman slapped him across the face.

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Black people shouldn’t be fooled by Hillary Clinton

Black people shouldn't be fooled by Hillary Clinton

Black voters appear to be sleepwalking towards Hillary Clinton on the assumption that they have no choice. This would be a major mistake. They should not be taken in by her lies and false claims to represent black communities. Her real record reveals a more disturbing truth which she is counting on black voters to be dumb enough to ignore.

A damning video produced by the Republican National Committee portrays Hillary as a privileged white Democrat politician who ruthlessly “dog whistled” against Barack Obama in 2008.

The video, entitled “The Clintons Hope You Forget,” shows Americans a litany of ugly, racist attacks which the Clintons waged against Obama.

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Bernie Sanders Defends His Criticism of the CIA

Bernie Sanders Defends His Criticism of the CIA

Sanders voiced concerns about the CIA on Tuesday, which he said overthrew democratically-elected leaders for moneyed interests.

During a CNN Town Hall debate on Tuesday democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders defended his 1974 critique of the Central Intelligence Agency as “a dangerous institution that has got to go.”

When CNN reporter Chris Cuomo asked Bernie Sanders about the comments he made about the CIA in the 1970s, Sanders replied saying "that was 40 years ago" and that he believes the CIA plays "an important role."

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Zimbabwe’s president kicks out private diamond miners, nationalizes…

Zimbabwe's president kicks out private diamond miners, nationalizes industry: Watch out for screams from Wall Street press about how Mugabe (Zimbabwe's president) is a 'dictator'

HARARE, Zimbabwe, Feb. 22 (UPI) — Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Monday ordered the expulsion of eight foreign diamond mining companies and turned over all mining operations to the newly formed, government-run Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Co.

Several companies abandoned their equipment, including: Anjin Investments Ltd., the Diamond Mining Co., Jinan Mining Ltd., Kusena Diamonds, Marange Resources Ltd. and Mbada Diamonds. These organizations were invited to nationalize their assets but they chose to stay as private entities and give up whatever little political capital was built up.

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