Every day – over and over again. Wake up, prepare, come to work, repeat the same soul-grinding cycle until its time to call off another workday…

Deadlines. Meetings. Emails. Performance reviews. Stress. Competition. Office politics. Envy. Mobbing. Job titles that are dime a dozen. This quarter. Next quarter. Promotion. Maybe layoffs. Who is more successful. Who is worse off.

A never ending cycle that is designed to pull out maximum performance from those who run it, in order to produce maximum profit for the shareholders or owners, while giving out as little compensation as possible to the actual employees who create that profit – who happens to be you… While producing all the negative effects and the soul-grinding environment that goes along with it.

You are sick of it by now, and you want to break free.

You’re right.

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Take Heart, for Mankind is actually Good inside

Take Heart, for Mankind is actually Good inside

A groundbreaking study with 2 experiments with large number of people showed that people choose to act cooperatively, helping and in solidarity when prompted to react instinctively.

In contrast, when people are given time to think, education, social biases, social and cultural conditioning kick in, and they start to make selfish choices.

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How did Democrats lose 2016 US Presidential Election

How did Democrats lose 2016 US Presidential Election

A host of political skulduggery, baggage, lying, flip flopping and scandals like this would be sufficient to kill any hopeful’s chances of getting elected.

Read how Democrats dug themselves into a hole

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Clinton Throws Flash Grenade To Divert Attention From Question Abou…

Clinton Throws Flash Grenade To Divert Attention From Question About Senate Voting Record

After cowering with their hands over their ringing ears for approximately 70 seconds, rattled audience members, the debate’s moderators, and fellow candidate Bernie Sanders were said to have regained their vision and hearing just in time to make out the final sentence of Clinton’s response: “And that’s why I’ve always stood on the side of the middle class and working families.” At press time, a misty white gas was seen pouring from the base of Clinton’s podium toward the moderators’ desk as Ramos cited Clinton’s changing positions on gay marriage, the Keystone XL pipeline, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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