Modding Community, Game Companies and Profits

Modding Community, Game Companies and Profits

Is it too hard for Bethesda to reward this modder with a cash reward?

No, it isn’t.

Actually it is easy to come up with a scheme to reward modders based on any possible criteria, and in the process not only bolster modding community, but also add massive (in some cases, everlasting) longevity to the games which game studios are producing.

You can shell out easily a few ten thousand dollars rewards for such massive mods like Falskaar, Skyre, a cost which is NOTHING compared to the actual costs of having to develop those content additions in-house in the game studio – as evidenced by development costs of Skyrim and many other games.

A major gaming studio like Bethesda can distribute $1000-2000 rewards to countless other, non-overhaul mods easily, and not even flinch. You can dash out $1k rewards to ~1000 modders, with a mere $1 million budget.

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