Iran is ahead of US in implementing modern drug policies!!!

Iran is ahead of US in implementing modern drug policies!!!

Let me repeat and have the hilarity sink in:


"…..Already in the early 2000s, Iranian legislators managed to get the council’s approval for the controversial and progressive set of harm reduction measures. These included the implementation of nationwide distribution of clean syringes to injecting drug users and methadone substitution treatment both inside and outside prisons, measures which were unthinkable to implement in other Muslim countries as well as in many Western states.

After ten years of harm reduction policies, Iran accounts for more than 6,000 methadone clinics and numerous programmes of support and assistance to drug users.

The harm reduction policy allowed the Iranian authorities to tackle the crisis embodied by HIV epidemics caused by widespread injecting drug use (through shared needles, for exampe), a phenomenon which today is said to be under control, and had gained Iran the praise and recognition of international observers, including the World Health Organisation…."

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