And the Big Winner of the GOP Presidential Debate? Bernie Sanders

And the Big Winner of the GOP Presidential Debate? Bernie Sanders

Turns out, the victor of Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate in Cleveland wasn’t actually one of the 10 nomination hopefuls on the stage. It was none other than Bernie Sanders – and his Twitter account.

Sanders, the senator from Vermont whose massive campaign stop turnouts and no-holds-barred calls for political revolution have placed him firmly as Clinton’s number one competition, live-tweeted his thoughts on the debate, using the hashtag #DebateWithBernie.

"Listen closely, and this is what they will tell you," Sanders predicted of the debate.

"They want to give more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires at a time when the rich are getting much richer. … Essentially, when you watch that debate, just imagine if you are one of the wealthiest people in this country and extremely greedy and selfish, and you're going to have 10 candidates more or less talking about your needs and not the needs of the working people."

It’s clear that Sanders’ take on the debate resonated with many: the candidate gained over 10K new followers during the live-tweeted conversation.

Following the debate, Sanders delivered the most retweeted GOP debate tweet of the entire evening, with nearly 25,000 retweets.

It's over. Not one word about economic inequality, climate change, Citizens United or student debt. That's why the Rs are so out of touch.

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