RT’s coverage of Victory Day celebrat…

RT's coverage of Victory Day celebrations in Moscow, celebrating the end of World War 2 and victory over Nazi germany.

75% of nazi army was in eastern front, fighting against Soviets. ~80%+ of all military losses in the world war was from USSR.

The immense size of eastern front and the sizes of the battles fought in it is phenomenal – the biggest battle in world history was fought at Kursk, in which millions of men participated and 1000~+ tanks fought head to head in the biggest tank battle of history.

Soviets found the tactic against blitzkrieg, the swift attack method nazi germany used to attack and occupy entire europe. Brilliant soviet general Zhukov has a lot of credit in this war, being the mastermind behind many major operations in eastern front.

USSR produced over 170,000 tanks and used them in the war, they even moved their entire industry to east of urals when germans came too close to moscow.

US aid to ussr started only circa 1942, but by this point soviets had already stopped nazis and started their first major counter offensive. Until the end of the war, usa provided ~7000 tanks to ussr along with a similar smaller percentage of supplies and machinery compared to what ussr produced.

For various reasons (foremost being political), landings in europe were delayed as much as possible. Specifically by Churchill, who hoped that nazi germany would destroy ussr – churchill had a special hate for ussr after they asked UK to let its colonies have free elections and let them their independence. When landings became inevitable, they were diverted to italy, where millions perished in pointless battles in rugged italian mountains with little strategic effect on the war.

Even at the end of the war, churchill was asking allies to attack ussr. A crazy thought, what was called operation unthinkable. He only stopped pushing after he learned that even at the end of the war, soviets outnumbered all the other allies 1 to 3.

Should not come as a surprise, considering how churchill was similarly wanting to attack ussr in the first two years of the war, even as britain was fighting germany itself. (operation pike).

By the normandy landings, soviets had almost passed entire half of europe and were racing towards berlin.

In the end, USSR fought this battle pretty much alone, due to political desires and considerations of various ally politicians.


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