On Vaccine Controversy

On Vaccine Controversy

"Vaccines" does not mean "Science". Concept of Vaccination is science, "Vaccines" is a $15 billion+ market in USA even solely for adults. Its expected to rise to ~25 billion in the next 5 years. The ever-increasing amount of vaccines CDC is pushing (including ~30+ vaccines to under 2 year old toddlers) is a part of it. Also, you CANT SUE VACCINE MANUFACTURERS for ANY results or damages from their vaccines, since 1986. Incidentally that is the year vaccine manufacturing and market exploded exponentially.

There isnt a single sector in usa where megacorporations dont rape everyone. Ranging from screwing up mexican ocean and coasts to selling lead painted toys to your kids. And Pharmaceutical sector is NO EXCEPTION. Actually, its worse:

Below is a documentary about How Glaxo-Smith-Klein, one of world's biggest pharma companies (top5) killed ~150,000+ americans through heart attack induced by their drug – which was not approved by FDA for that particular use… They BRIBED doctors, they BRIBED private research institutions, who then pushed this drug to people without a second of concern. You cant believe how much does it take for a full professor presiding over a major medical institution to sell you out – its not more than $200,000.

Glaxo-Smith-Klein was caught by US government, who started prosecuting them. When cornered due to whistleblower testimonies and research results, they SETTLED with u.s. government for ~$3 billion in fines.

They made $14billion~ profit from the ordeal. As it is explained in the documentary, that IS a good business plan.

Glaxo Smith Klein is a top manufacturer of vaccines in usa – including many of the staple vaccines.

Watch the documentary below, and ask yourself – can you trust this company with your vaccines.


Vaccine sector in usa has NO ACCOUNTABILITY and NO CULPABILITY now. you cant accuse them for anything, for ANY reason. they can kill your child. and you wont even be able to sue them.

If you can, get your vaccinations ELSEWHERE in the world. maybe in canada. in ANY country where they dont push 30~+ vaccines to under 2 year old toddlers….

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